South Leicestershire Section Runs-List 

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This is an extremely provisional runs-list, due to Covid-19 restrictions. Before attending any of these rides, please confirm that they are actually taking place as-is, or if they've been changed. Someone will hopefully be at the start at the appropriate time to lead the ride, but anyone wishing to ride to the destination separately are quite welcome to do so.

As these are official Cycling UK club events, we are allowed to ride in a group of up to 15 people. However, at refreshment stops, we need to disperse into groups of 6. All cafe stops are outdoors, so remember to take extgra clothing, and possibly your own food and drink.

Date Start
Meeting Point Destination Comments
Aug 149:30Broughton AstleyTwycross
Aug 219:30Broughton AstleyTur Langton
Aug 289:30Broughton AstleyWelford (Mini Meadows)
Sep 49:30Broughton AstleyBillesdonvenue Northern Cobbler, Rolleston Lodge Farm
Sep 119:30Broughton AstleyMedbourneElevenses at Rural Relaxing, near to Cricket Club
Sep 189:30Broughton AstleyTwycross
Sep 259:30Broughton AstleyBrandon Marsh
Oct 29:30Broughton AstleyOsbastonNew cafe, The Piggery, at The Dandelion Hideway Osbaston House Farm, Lount Rd, Osbaston CV13 0HR
Oct 99:30Broughton AstleyDraycote Visitor Centre
Oct 169:30Broughton AstleyBrandon Marsh
Oct 239:30Broughton AstleyThornby
Oct 309:30Broughton AstleyTur Langton
Nov 69:30Broughton AstleyTwycross
Nov 139:30Broughton AstleyCatthorpe
Nov 209:30Broughton AstleySnarestone
Nov 279:30Broughton AstleyTugby
Dec 49:30Broughton AstleyWelford (Mini Meadows)
Dec 119:30Broughton AstleyBillesdonvenue Northern Cobbler, Rolleston Lodge Farm
Dec 189:30Broughton AstleyOsbaston


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